Gogglebox's Julie Malone almost 'scalped' in accident with new family member

Gogglebox star Julie Malone yelped as her toddler grandson Carsen almost “scalped” her in a hilarious hoover accident on Friday night’s show.

Carsen, whose mother is Vanessa, who doesn’t appear on the show, joined the family for some television viewing in this week’s episode, alongside regular Gogglebox stars Julie, Tom Snr and Shaun.

In the scene, Tom Snr handed little Carsen a handheld hoover to clean up some crumbs from the packet of crisps he was enjoying.

The youngster went to hoover grandma Julie’s top but accidentally managed to suck up her hair instead, with the machine shooting up her brunette locks as they got tangled in it.

Julie yelped as Tom Snr leapt into action and turned the hoover off, as he managed to unravel her hair from inside of it.

Little Carsen accidentally sucked up Julie’s hair with the hoover (Image: Channel 4)

She laughed: “Ahh my hair! He nearly scalped me!”

Julie took the mishap in great spirits as she laughed hysterically, while Shaun was also laughing.

She asked her grandson: “Was that funny? I don’t think so!”

Viewers were loving the little accident, rushing to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One fan said: “Julie almost lost her barnet up the hoover.”

Julie and Shaun found the whole incident hilarious while Tom Snr saved the day (Image: Channel 4)

Another wrote: “OMFG I am screaming. Julie being sucked up by the hoover and the grandson’s wee smile at the end.”

A third joked: “Now we know where Tom Senior’s hair went.”

And someone else added: “Instant broken ribs from laughing at the hoover incident. Brilliant.”

Tom Junior wasn’t on the sofa during the incident, taking a little break from the show instead.

Earlier this week, he celebrated turning 27 with his stunning girlfriend Bryony Briscoe.

It’s thought that they started dating earlier this year, and they’ve been sharing their love on Instagram ever since.

Recently, Tom hit back at trolls who suggested he was punching above his weight with his gorgeous girlfriend.

The duo danced around in a TikTok as he poked fun at himself, though fans were quick to defend him and his relationship.

Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4

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