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    Late Night Thinks Trump Is the Biggest Loser in the Midterms

    The former president was said to be livid that candidates he endorsed lost on Tuesday, including Dr. Oz.Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown of the previous night’s highlights that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. Here are the 50 best movies on Netflix right now.A Losing CombinationLate night hosts commented on the midterm results on Wednesday night, including how poorly the night went for former President Donald Trump, who was said to be “livid” about Dr. Mehmet Oz’s loss in Pennsylvania.“They say the last time Trump was this disappointed was when Eric was born,” Jimmy Kimmel said.“In fact, it’s being reported that he is blaming Melania for pushing him to endorse Dr. Oz in the first place, saying it was ‘not her best decision.’ Yeah, and I’m sure in response, Melania was, like, ‘Yes, it’s true, I am very bad at picking men.’” — TREVOR NOAH“It might even be her second-worst decision.” — JIMMY KIMMEL“Trump is so angry at Melania, they’re no longer sleeping in separate beds.” — JIMMY KIMMEL“Trump was so mad he ran upstairs and slammed the door of his tanning bed.” — JIMMY FALLON“On the bright side, Dr. Oz now can go back to doing what he does best, which is analyzing the shape and color of our stool.” — JIMMY KIMMEL“Oprah right now is sitting at home cackling like a ‘Game of Thrones’ villain: ‘Tell Mehmet I want him to know it was me.’” — JIMMY KIMMEL“Oz says he’s just happy he doesn’t have to pretend to root for the Philadelphia Steelers anymore.” — SETH MEYERSThe Punchiest Punchlines (Not Seeing Red Edition)“Whatever happens, it was less a red wave and more of a purple nurple.” — JIMMY KIMMEL“It’s like what happens when you accidentally wash your Klan robes with your MAGA hat. Just a little pink — a pink wash.” — STEPHEN COLBERT“I would say it was less like a red wave and more like a red wedding. The Republicans were the Starks, and Donald Trump was a dragon who burned his whole [expletive] party to a crisp.” — SETH MEYERS“For both parties it wasn’t great, but also not terrible. It was the political version of eating at TGI Fridays.” — JIMMY FALLONThe Bits Worth WatchingBono took the Colbert Questionnaire while on Wednesday’s “Late Show.”What We’re Excited About on Thursday NightWill Ferrell will inevitably get into some high jinks during his Thursday appearance on “The Tonight Show.”Also, Check This OutPhoto Illustration by The New York Times. Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty ImagesThis week’s “Still Processing” digs into the resurgence of disco and Donna Summer. More

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    Late Night Goes Live on Election Night

    Stephen Colbert said that the midterms looked less like a red wave of Republican victories and more like “a pink trickle.”Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown of the previous night’s highlights that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. Here are the 50 best movies on Netflix right now.‘A Pink Trickle’Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel took their shows live on election night, sharing midterm results as they came in during their monologues.“Though the G.O.P. is picking up seats in the House, so far it does not look like a red wave,” Colbert reported. “Perhaps — perhaps too early to tell. Perhaps a pink trickle. They should really have that checked out.”“Not only are we live, our audience tonight — this is exciting — our studio audience is made up entirely of Herschel Walker’s children.” — JIMMY KIMMEL“In the Florida governor’s race, Democrat Charlie Crist has been defeated by MAGA wannabe and 2024 hopeful Ron DeSantis. And now, in accordance with Florida law, Charlie Crist will be forced on a plane and flown to Martha’s Vineyard.” — STEPHEN COLBERT“You know, Matt Gaetz easily won his seat in Florida. He was re-elected. Florida’s a state in which being an alleged sex offender makes you an experienced public servant. It’s not necessarily frowned on. Matt is going to wait to celebrate until prom night, which is sweet.” — JIMMY KIMMEL“New York, we’re just getting word that Democratic incumbent Kathy Hochul has defeated MAGA candidate Lee Zeldin to remain governor of New York. This marks the historic first time New York has ever had a female governor on purpose.” — STEPHEN COLBERT“Now, one of the biggest races that everyone has been watching is in Georgia, between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker, and right now they are neck and almost entirely neck.” — STEPHEN COLBERT“It is so tight, this race could be decided by a margin of error of plus or minus Herschel Walker’s secret children.” — STEPHEN COLBERTThe Punchiest Punchlines (High Voter Turnout Edition)“The Colorado governor’s race goes to incumbent Jared Polis, who earlier this year — earlier this year, signed an exclusive order protecting marijuana users’ rights. So his victory was secured due to high voter turnout.” — STEPHEN COLBERT“And then down in North Carolina — this was expected — in the North Carolina Senate race, we got word Republican Ted Budd has beaten Cheri Beasley, which is too bad for a couple of reasons. One was I was really looking forward to the headline, ‘Cheri Beasley Smokes Budd.’” — STEPHEN COLBERTThe Bits Worth WatchingRoy Wood Jr. explored the history of Black governors on Tuesday’s regular “Daily Show” segment, “CP Time.”What We’re Excited About on Wednesday NightFlorence Pugh will pop by Wednesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”Also, Check This Out“She must make sure that everyone around her knows she is stable, and not talk about her feelings,” Imelda Staunton said of playing Queen Elizabeth II, adding, “But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings.” Netflix“The Crown” creator Peter Morgan chose Imelda Staunton to play Queen Elizabeth II for the final two seasons of the series because of her “vulnerability and strength.” More

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    Late Night Rates Trump’s New Nickname for Ron DeSantis

    “Trump doesn’t even know what that means,” Jimmy Fallon said after Donald Trump referred to the Florida governor as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown of the previous night’s highlights that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. Here are the 50 best movies on Netflix right now.The Best He Could Come Up WithFormer President Donald Trump debuted a new nickname for Gov. Ron DeSantis at a Pennsylvania rally over the weekend, referring to him as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”“Trump doesn’t even know what that means. He thought he was casting a Harry Potter spell on him,” Jimmy Fallon joked.“That’s right, former President Trump referred to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as ‘Ron DeSanctimonious,’ which is a risky move for Trump, because that’s six syllables.” — SETH MEYERS“Has anyone ever been worse at coming up with nicknames? Imagine Trump in ‘Top Gun’: [imitating Trump] ‘People! People! I know we all love Maverick, but I think I got one that beats it. Are you ready? Everybody ready? Airplane Guy.’” — SETH MEYERS“You saw that, breaking out a classic Trump nickname. I mean, at least we think it was a nickname. It could’ve just been Trump trying to say ‘DeSantis.’” — TREVOR NOAH“Yeah, there’s nothing voters like more than insults from a word-a-day calendar: ‘Let’s get bellicose! DeSantis is a pusillanimous sycophant! Incarcerate him aloft!’” — STEPHEN COLBERT“Yeah, he’s lost some speed on his nickname fastball, you know? In the old days, it would have been something like ‘Smelly Ron,’ and we would’ve all went with it.” — JIMMY KIMMELThe Punchiest Punchlines (Dr. Oz Edition)“Even Oprah, who made Dr. Oz, endorsed his opponent, John Fetterman. Which is — I mean, look, that’s like, that would be like me not endorsing Guillermo. It just wouldn’t happen.” — JIMMY KIMMEL“Poor Dr. Oz. If he wins, he’s gonna actually have to move to Pennsylvania. I don’t know if he knows this.” — JIMMY KIMMEL“And that’s always how it goes, people. At some point in life, you have to kill the monster you create. Yeah, Dr. Frankenstein and his creature. Obi-wan and Anakin. Parents and their kids.” — TREVOR NOAH“Astronomers predict that a total lunar eclipse will occur tomorrow. So if you look outside and the moon turns red, don’t worry — it just means Dr. Oz won his Senate race.” — SETH MEYERSThe Bits Worth WatchingStephen Colbert announced the winner of People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2022 on Monday’s “Late Show.”What We’re Excited About on Tuesday NightJimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert will both go live on election night.Also, Check This OutSasha Diamond, left, and Shannon Tyo play ambitious twin sisters in Jiehae Park’s “Peerless.”James LeynseFemale playwrights are adapting and revamping Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” for the modern age. More