Doctor Who fans confused as penultimate episode plot 'goes over their heads'

Doctor Who fans were left baffled after the latest instalment of the show as it set the scene for next week’s season finale.

Last week viewers saw Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation of the Doctor turned to stone and they were expecting a lot of explanation around her placement amongst the Weeping Angels.

However, things very quickly moved on from that as it turned out she hadn’t been transformed at all and was in fact just being transported elsewhere by them.

That coupled with an Indiana Jones style throwback to 1904 and the shock revelation that Barbara Flynn’s Tecteun is the Doctor’s mother, alongside a whole array of other sub-plots, had some fans completely confused as to exactly what was going on.

Fans were left confused at the storyline after last week’s episode
(Image: BBC)

Taking to Twitter they aired their concerns ahead of the grand finale next week.

One wrote: “I’m a reasonably educated man, I’ve been watching the show since the Pertwee era, so I just have one question, what the f*** is going on in Doctor Who Flux? Seriously, it’s all going over my head!”

A second viewer added: “I’m so done trying to understand what on Earth is going on here. Bring back RTD’s quality writing ASAP please.”

A third posted: “I’m so confused. I’ve been confused every episode. This. Makes. Negative. Sense.”

Jodie’s Doctor Who was only tuned into a Weeping Angel for mere moments
(Image: BBC Studios/James Pardon)

Another baffled fan said: “Hmm. I wish I could shake the feeling that THAT was ‘maybe if we throw just a little more everything at the wall, some of it will make sense…? I also wish I actually cared what was (apparently) happening. Bah. I need a lie down.”

And a fifth viewer made their disdain at the rapid moving plot lines known as they swiped: “I’d give this episode a rating out of 10, but I think minus numbers probably aren’t allowed.”

Doctor Who: Flux concludes on Sunday December 5 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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