Conan O'Brien Unveils June End Date for His TBS Late-Night Show


When offering more details about his departure from ‘CONAN’, the host assures that the final episode will feature clips of his favorite moments from the last 11 years, as well as special guests.

Conan O’Brien has revealed the end date of “CONAN“. More than four months after announcing his departure from the long-running TBS late-night show, the host unveiled that it will end its run in June.

The 58-year-old spilled the date in the Monday, May 3 episode of the self-titled show. “As some of you have heard, it’s been out there for a while now, but we’re making it official. We are winding down our TBS show. The plan is to re-emerge on HBO Max sometime in the near future with, I think, what will be my fourth iteration of a program. Imagine a cooking show with puppets and you’ll have the wrong idea,” he first shared.

“Our last episode here at TBS will be on June 24th. Now the plan is we’re going to be showing a lot of clips of his favorite moments from the last 11 years,” the comedian further divulged. “We’re going to have some special guests. We’re going to create, I think, a really fun, special environment and it’s going to be, I think, a lot of fun.”

Conan also spilled the reason why he left “CONAN”. He explained, “A very old Buddhist monk once told me that to pick something up, you must first put something down. I’ll be honest with you, he was drunk out of his skull and very belligerent. And I maintain you can pick up two things if you use both hands. He just got mad and started swinging at me, so I ended the conversation and took his advice.”

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Before ending his message, Conan said, “I just want to point out that for 11 years, the people at Turner have been absolutely lovely to me and everyone here at the staff. They gave me a home when I needed one most and I am eternally grateful and very proud of what we’ve accomplished here.” He added, “And so, what I’d like is, I’d like these last couple of weeks to be a fond look back at all the absurd madness my team and I have concocted.”

The TV personality then joked, “Best of all, I want to point out, there will be shockingly few, if any, references to Donald Trump because that’s always been my favorite kind of comedy.”

Conan confirmed his exit back in November 2020. He first joined the late-night circuit in 1993, taking over from David Letterman as the host of “Late Night”. He then launched “CONAN” on TBS in 2010.

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