EastEnders fans left baffled by Mick Carter's ‘bizarre’ cockney rhyming slang

EastEnders viewers were in stitches on tonight’s episode of the BBC One soap after Mick Carter reeled off an unusual cockney rhyming slang term.

As Janine was seen trying to relax after her fall, Mick was desperate to calm her down after discovering their baby’s health may be at risk.

He was then heard telling her to “watch some custard” and then gesturing towards the telly.

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Fans guessed that the slang term known to many as “custard and jelly” in reference to telly, was clearly what Mick was going for, but many were left amused by his bizarre use of the term.

Mick used an unusual slang term
(Image: BBC)

“How is custard rhyming slang for telly? Custard and jelly, perhaps? Not a great one. I swear Danny Dyer makes some of these up. #eastenders,” said one viewer.

“Put the custard on. What a bizarre way of saying it?”

“did mick just say custard for the telly? LOL!!”

Mick was later seen leaving Janine in her state of worry, telling her he needed to go to shop and get some food.

Mick was trying to comfort Janine
(Image: BBC)

But the dad-to-be snook off to meet up with Linda, desperate to air his concerns for the baby as she lent a listening ear.

Janine spotted Mick and Linda together hugging outside, unaware Linda was actually offering her support and advice to Mick after suffered complications with their baby.

When Mick returned, Janine confronted him about his whereabouts, stating she saw him with Linda.

Janine called off the wedding
(Image: BBC)

Mick tried to justify his actions but had the rug pulled out from under him when Janine called off the wedding, stating that Mick will always choose Linda over her.

Elsewhere in the episode, Ben pushed ahead with the sale of The Arches and enlisted Eve’s help in drawing up the paperwork.

Lexi overheard Lola talking about going abroad and when a letter arrives for Lola, she took it and discovered her mum still has cancer.

Lola later received an alarming call that Lexi never showed up to school and she began frantically searching for her with Ben and Jay in tow.

Once they found her, Lexi showed them the letter, furioys that her mum lied to her.

At home, Lola admitted the truth to a concerned Lexi and detailed her treatment course. Lexi asked her mum if she was going to die, and Lola assured her that wasn’t going to happen.

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