Keanu Reeves Will Be Your Mirror

Elyssa Dudley and

He’s an unknowable icon, the internet’s adorably tragic boyfriend, a prolific actor who never seems to be acting. Wesley Morris wants to get to the bottom of Keanu Reeves — and to understand “why we get so much out of a movie star who appears to give us so little.”

He turns to Alex Pappademas — the writer, podcast host and author of “Keanu Reeves: Most Triumphant: The Movies and Meaning of an Irrepressible Icon” — to try to solve this mystery.

Keanu has had a three-decade acting career, through which he is arguably just playing different versions of himself. And he is conscious of his audience knowing this: “He knows that we’re there, and he wonders if we’ve figured out that it’s just Keanu Reeves once again playing a character,” says Alex.

Wesley and Alex discuss the most memorable examples of Keanu being Keanu (including the time he literally played himself) — and why we are seeing ourselves whenever we look at the actor.

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Hosted by: Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham
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