Late Night Can’t Wait to Finally See Trump’s Tax Returns

Jimmy Kimmel joked that Trump “promised to release his tax returns more times than he promised to release Melania.”

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On Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected former President Donald Trump’s request to block a House committee from obtaining his tax returns.

“He promised to release his tax returns more times than he promised to release Melania,” Jimmy Kimmel joked. “Like 10,000.”

“Democrats will only have a few weeks to access the documents before the Republicans retake the House and make them disappear. Basically, Trump’s tax returns are like a close friend’s Instagram story.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Now, following this ruling, we can finally find out if he wrote off Eric as a loss.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“Today, Dr. Fauci gave his final White House briefing before his retirement. He was like, ‘This is my last day, so if you want to inject bleach, go nuts.’” — JIMMY FALLON

“Dr. Anthony Fauci today gave what is likely his last coronavirus briefing before retiring at the end of the year. And you can tell he’s kinda given up, because he gave the briefing from a rave.” — SETH MEYERS

“Dr. Fauci is 81 years old. Today, Biden was like, ‘Congrats on your early retirement.’” — JIMMY FALLON

Stephen Colbert addressed the issues plaguing this year’s World Cup on Tuesday’s “Late Show.”

The “Dead to Me” star Linda Cardellini will stop by “The Late Late Show” on Wednesday night.

Women now make up a majority of players in the New York Philharmonic, but they dominate some sections of the orchestra more than others: 27 of the ensemble’s 30 violinists are women. Calla Kessler for The New York Times

For the first time in 180 years, women outnumber men in the New York Philharmonic.

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