Interview: Are You Almost Adult Enough for London?

Charlotte Anne-Tilley tells us about her play Almost Adult

Charlotte Anne-Tilley first came to our attention a year ago when her show Twenties was online as part of TheSpaceUK’s short online festival showcasing many of the artists who would normally have been planning to head off to Edinburgh that summer. The show caught our attention for both its inventiveness and for being what felt a very true portrayal of a young girl moving to London where she believed she would soon be heading off to all the celeb parties and bumping into famous names every street she walked down.

Since then Charlotte and the team have been busy rewritting Twenties into a live full length show, which will be playing at The Space in Canary Wharf from 13 to 15 January 2022, before they hope to then take it to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. So it seemed the perfect time to sit down with Charlotte to find out how the show has changed, not only with its name now being Almost Adult, and how her life has changed since we presented her with an award as part of TheSpaceUK’s festival season.

Almost Adult

Hope has just moved out from her childhood home in Macclesfield to the bright lights of London. After getting a job at a (get this) dinosaur themed bar and moving in with a very mature housemate, everything seems to be going brilliantly. But when she learns some questionable things about her manager, things at work spin out of control. Hope slips deeper and deeper out of her depth and questions how ready she was to leave home after all. 

With witty audience interactions, hilarious physical comedy and touching vulnerability, you can expect a good laugh followed by a single tear rolling down your cheek. 

The work-in-progress of Almost Adult won Everything Theatre’s Make Do and Mend Award for Ingenuity in Lockdown and was nominated for The Voice’s Editor’s Choice Award. 

Almost Adult plays at The Space 13 – 15 January. Tickets can be booked here.

You can find out more about the show and future dates by following Charlotte on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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